2019 Fathers Day Gift Guide for the Tech-Loving Dad

2019 Fathers Day Gift Guide for the Tech-Loving Dad

Pull out your Tommy Bahama shirts and fire up the grill, it’s Father’s Day! You only have one day to show your dad how appreciative you are of all of the incredible moments you’ve spent together, like when he took you to your first major sports game or helped you move into your college dorm. Whether your dad is just a simple guy who loves to barbeque or is always tinkering with new toys, there are plenty of neat gadgets out there that make sweet presents.

We know how tricky it can be to figure out exactly what’s a good gift for dad, so we’ve compiled a list of cool gift ideas we think any father, techie or not, will truly appreciate.

Wireless Earbuds

A new pair of earbuds is the perfect give for a dad who’s always on the go and often likes to listen to podcasts or his favorite tunes. Wireless earbuds connect to his phone, or any smart device, through Bluetooth allowing him to be completely hands free when he goes to the gym or working on his house renovation project. Picking out a pair of wireless earbuds is the tricky part, there are so many different variations and brands to choose from according to several tech sites, JLab JBuds Air Bluetooth Earbuds are affordable and perform well. They are sweatproof, can last for 14 hours, and are great quality all for $49!

Wireless Charging Station

This is a big hit with people who are tired of not being able to stand their phone up vertically when it’s charging, due the lightning charging cable getting in the way. A wireless charging station allows you to sit your phone up vertically while it charges, giving you the ability to easily see your notifications without even grabbing your phone! Your dad can prop this up at his office or on his bedside table, just make sure you get one that can charge through a phone case and works with Androids and Iphones - like this one on Amazon.

Smart Home Device

Your dad may not think he needs devices that allows him to control his home’s amenities from his phone or tablet, but he will soon wonder how he lived life without them! If he’s tired of getting up to see who’s at the door every time the dog barks or someone comes knockin’, check out the Amazon Ring security system. The video doorbell alerts your phone anytime someone approaches your front door, gives you immediate video surveillance of them, and allows you to speak to them from your phone. Ring also has other security tools like a house alarm system that’s also connected to your smartphone.

Google’s Nest is a smart thermostat that can be managed from your phone, allowing you to adjust the temperature of the house even if you’re away! Nest also saves energy, meaning a lower utility bill (which dad wouldn’t love that?), by turning itself down when no one is home and using its smart technology to modify the temperature if it gets too warm or too cold for your personal taste. Another device is a smart sprinkler control device, that again saves your wallet a few bucks with a lower water bill because it actually helps you save water. The Rachio Sprinkler Controller creates a smart watering schedule for your lawn and plants according to your soil, weather and sun exposure. It also works with your other smart home tools like Amazon’s Alexa, so you can easily turn the sprinklers on or off with a simple voice command!

Modern Turntable

If your dad was known for saying “They just don’t make music like they used to…”, then this is the perfect gift for him! This souped up turntable will remind your dad of the good ol’ days, so he can dust off his records and get to groovin’. Most modern turntables don’t just spin records, they also have AUX and USB inputs, and Bluetooth connectivity so you can use your phone or computer to also play some tunes if you want. This one on Amazon is portable and has a charming vintage look to it.

Physical Health & Fitness Tracker

Most people are concerned about their health and wellness, and no matter the age, it’s important to make sure your body is performing at the best of its ability. Tracking your steps, sleep cycles, heart rate and other health markers is easier than ever now with smart fitness trackers like Fitbit! The Fitbit Versa tracks your calories burned, flights climbed, hourly activity including if you were stationary, is swim-proof so you can track your laps, and gives you post-workout summaries- all in one watch. This is great for the dad who wants to take his overall body health a bit more seriously or maintain an already intense workout routine!

Control Center

Tired of your dad fumbling with different remotes everytime you come over to watch the game? Make his TV watching experience a lot less frustrating by gifting him a Caavo Control Center and Universal Remote. The Control Center works as the entertainment hub for his streaming box, game console, cable box, and his DVD player, allowing him to also control his TV’s power and audio system with one remote! To make things even easier, the remote is voice-controlled and finds the best options for the movies or show he wants to watch. If you would be interested in winning a free Caavo Home Theater Kit (for your dad or for yourself), complete with a Control Center and Universal Remote, try your hand at our “Show Us Your #ManCaves” giveaway. Click the link for the full details on the contest!

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