4 Ways to Marie Kondo Your TV Room

Marie Kondo posing in front of a wooden background while holding a television with the Caavo logo displayed

Marie Kondo magically appeared in our living rooms like a Japanese Nanny McPhee, giving us softly spoken words of wisdom that inspired us to take a deeper look at the state of our homes and our hearts. Kondo taught us how to remove the clutter we’ve learned to live with in a simple and healthy way. In turn, she gave us the tools to decide what items are crowding our space and not sparking joy.

When cleaning up our homes, the TV room often gets overlooked despite being a space where we spend most of our relaxation time. With all those remotes, HDMI cables, and devices-a-plenty, it’s a space that could seriously benefit from Marie Kondo’s practices! Even though our home theater equipment can’t be folded into neat triangles, there are a few easy ways to organize and declutter your TV space that create a more enjoyable TV watching experience.

Add a Home Theater Hub with Universal Remote

We promise we aren’t just saying this because of our Control Center, but owning a universal remote control will not only clean up your remote clutter, but it will make watching TV so much simpler. Instead of fumbling around with multiple remotes, you have one remote that controls the TVs power and volume, along with your game consoles, streaming media players, cable/satellite TV or OTA tuner and more. Say goodbye to hoarding five or six remotes that only one person in the house knows how to use.ut those extra remotes in a basket and store them away, this universal remote has come to clean up and make watching TV a little simpler.


Image from Netflix

Donate your old DVDs

While there are some films are still impossible to find online, a lot of the content that you want to watch can be found on a variety of online platforms or subscription services that you probably already pay for. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO boast well over 15,000 titles, so you can donate your collection of DVD’s and switch to a streaming service to create a minimalist home media space.

For those titles that are unavailable online, consider digitizing your DVDs through a service such as Vudu’s disc to digital service. For non-copyrighted material*, you can use a DVD ripping software to convert to digital files, then store everything on your Plex media server. Any content you save to Plex will be included in your Control Center search results - so all it takes is one simple search to find your favorite movie, no matter where it is.

*Note: It’s illegal to unlawfully download or reproduce copyrighted materials, even if you own them on DVD. We are not encouraging or supporting illegal ripping of films. Of course, you have full ownership and authority over your own home videos and other non-copyrighted content, so you can do whatever you want with it.


Image from Sonos

Get Rid of an Outdated Stereo System

Gone are the days of boxy sound systems that take up more space than your television. Premium audio brands such as Sonos and Bose make sleek and stylish speakers that blend in well with your home theater setup, helping you maintain a minimalist aesthetic and above all, a clean space. When you pair your soundbar or sound system with Control Center, you won’t need to worry about putting your greasy fingers on a remote while you’re enjoying that delicious buttery popcorn. Just say “Alexa, tell Caavo to turn up the volume.” Hands-free TV magic!


Organize your HDMI cables

Unorganized cables are not only an eye-sore, they can really be stressful to manage. To avoid raising your blood pressure when wondering which cable is plugged into which device, try our savvy Spotlight HDMI Cables that maintain a 4K HDR picture and have LED technology that light up to show you where the cable is connected. These cloth-covered cables are also tangle resistant, not to mention fashionable. Yeah we know, they’re pretty neat!

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