5 Tech Savvy Pet Care Essentials

Dog Watching TV with Caavo Control Center & Universal Remote

It’s no secret that we are all obsessed with our pets (yes, we know you even follow a few dogs or cats on Instagram, don’t be ashamed). Scratch out the phrase “man’s best friend,” our furry pets have become our beloved children. Stealing our attention and love with their round eyes and fluffy cuddles, we don’t even mind spending more money on our pets than on ourselves, just so our pooches can live their best lives. Giving your pet all of the treats, “good boy’s,” and belly rubs is easy when your home, but what happens when you’re out of the house all day at work?

We’ve found some cool new gadgets that we think all pet owners, and fur babies, could benefit from. These tech-savvy tools allow you to interact with your pets when your away from home and keep track of your pet for those rare moments when they aren’t nuzzled up under you. Thank us later!


Pet Tracking Collar

No one wants to experience the sickening feeling of realizing your dog has somehow escaped from the house or run out of sight at the park. And while many fur parents microchip their pets, the Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker has made finding your lost dog or simply keeping track of your pup, a lot easier. The waterproof pet tracking device clips onto your pet’s collar and syncs with the Findster app to show you the location of your pet in real-time. The app allows you to set a safe zone on the tracking device so you can be alerted if Fido ever crosses his boundary lines. This would also be great for cats who spend their time both inside and outside of the house, so owners will never have to wonder where they’ve wandered.


Smart Pet Feeder

Have you ever rushed home after realizing it’s an hour past your pet’s scheduled time to eat and images of your starving (or worse, pissed off) pooch/kitty won’t leave your mind? Well, the team at Petnet have figured out a way to avoid owner guilt and pet neglect. Petnet is an automatic, smart pet feeder that dispenses food according to a schedule you coordinate in their app. Their app completely personalizes your pet’s feeding schedule by asking you to enter your pet’s breed, weight, age and activity level so it’s fed the proper amount. Your Petnet also connects to your Google Home or Alexa to help you keep track of the meals.

Interactive Pet Camera

Playing with your fluffy bundle of joy is no longer reserved for those moments at home. With the Petcube you can play with your cat using your smartphone, which sends a pet-safe laser point around the room entertaining both you and your pet. The Petcube has a camera that not only gives you live surveillance of your pet at home, it has a motion detector that notifies you of any major events happening, like Fido digging around in the trash. The cube has two-way audio so you can hear any commotion and also speak to your pets. This works great for “pawrents” with anxious pets so your pets know you’re always with them.

Interactive Ball Launcher

Sometimes you just don’t have enough energy to play fetch with your pooch, especially after a long day. The last thing you want to do is toss around a saliva-covered ball. Enter the automatic ball launcher, similar to what you’d find at your local batting cage but at a way less deadly speed. iFetch is a ball launcher for small dogs (they have iFetch Too for larger breeds) that launches small tennis balls 10 to 30 feet. You, or your dog after a few rounds, just place the ball in the wide mouth of the launcher and let the machine do the rest of the work!

Control Center Mobile App

With the recent updates to Caavo Control Center, it now makes watching TV more enjoyable for your pet as well! When you’re not home, you can now use the Caavo mobile app (iOS) to enjoy full access to your TV and Control Center at home. This means if you’re at the office and know your pooch would enjoy watching The Secret Life of Pets, you can open your Caavo app and turn on the movie on your home TV. It may keep your pet entertained long enough to stop shredding your favorite pillows. 

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