6 New Shows & Movies to Watch in May

Zac Efron as Ted Bundy, Chernobyl Poster, and Good Omens Show Poster

Signs of Spring are everywhere, and we must say the sunnier days are really putting us in a great mood! Well, the sunshine and the plethora of new, original shows from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO coming out this month. Yes, we’re gearing up to pay a little more for some of our must-have subscriptions, but at least the increase comes with a bunch of amazing new content.

Netflix and HBO are showing us how reality is often times as dark as the scariest horror film, with their biopics that take an up-close and personal look at human malevolence. Amazon Prime and Hulu are bringing joy to bookworms everywhere by turning some of our literature faves into series’ that already catching a lot of buzz.

You won’t want to miss any of the incredible productions coming out this May, so settle in with your Caavo universal remote in hand and prepare to have your mind blown.


Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (Netflix)

Coming to you May 3rd is the extremely wicked series recounting the infamous Ted Bundy trial and digging deeper into what made the serial killer so unattainable for so long. Zac Efron plays Bundy and Lily Collins plays his unsuspecting, longtime girlfriend Liz who leads the retelling of events from her perspective. If you enjoyed watching Netflix’s Ted Bundy Tapes, then this is definitely another Netflix original you’ll want to catch. 

Watch the trailer here.

Into The Dark: All That We Destroy (Hulu)

Into The Dark is a horror Hulu series in collaboration with Blumhouse Television. With a total of 12 long episodes, each with their own twisted plotline, All That We Destroy is the eighth installment of the series. A mother tries to curb her psychotic son’s desire to murder by forcing him to interact with his very first victim, in the form of a clone. Hulu takes notes from Ex-Machina and dabbles with AI consciousness (which, of course, never ends well). Episode available on May 3rd.

Watch the trailer here.

Chernobyl (HBO)

Based on real events that took place at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1980’s Ukraine, Soviet Union, this film takes a closer look at what happened when the power plant exploded, including radioactive materials being spread to Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other countries in Europe. Of course this is a more dramatic take on the original events, but it is quite chilling to see the terrifying impact of man-made disasters. Premieres on May 6th.  

Watch the trailer here.

Catch-22 (Hulu)

Based off the novel by Joseph Heller, this mini-series follows the antics and misfortunes of a U.S. Air Force unit in World War II. George Clooney, who stars and directs, plays the crazy Scheisskopf, the Colonel overseeing young soldiers who just want to stay alive. Yossarian, Christopher Abbott, is a bombardier obsessed with not dying during flight missions ... unfortunately for him, the Colonel keeps upping the ante on the team’s missions, making his chances for survival seem bleak. Enter the military’s Catch-22 rule--if soldiers agree to fly their missions they’re deemed insane and have permission to opt out of flying, but if they ask to not partake in a mission, they’re clearly sane and can no longer drop out. You can catch, Catch-22 *wink*, starting on May 17th.

Watch the trailer here.


When They See Us (Netflix)

Based on a true story that took place in 1989 New York, this four-part series tells the story of the Central Park Five—five young boys of color who were convicted of a rape and murder that they did not commit. The show will follow the five boys on their 25 year-long journey to clear their names and seek freedom. The series was created, co-written, and directed by Ava DuVernay, director of the highly acclaimed Selma. Watch this incredibly heart-wrenching story starting May 31st.

Watch the trailer here

Good Omens (Amazon Prime)

It’s the end of the world and two unlikely partners, a demon and an angel, must work together to stop Earth from destructing. Michael Sheen plays a proper angel, while David Tennant plays the worldly demon, as they race against the looming Armageddon and try to find the missing 11 year-old chosen anti-Christ. They must battle against the four-horsemen of the apocalypse (War, Pollution, Famine, Death) and save their favorite realm from doom. Check out this book turned show series starting May 31st.

Watch the trailer here.

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