Gear Up for the Big Game with These Amazing Football Movies

Overhead view of a couple of friends enjoying snacks and beer while changing the channel with the Caavo remote

Our favorite TV event of the season is finally (almost) here and we're doing everything we can to get fully amped for Sunday.

Exhibit A: Adding these favorite football movies to our weekend watch list. So grab your chicken wings, chips and favorite beverage (as in beer) and have a seat on the couch. Just tell your Caavo to “watch Remember the Titans” and get ready for football!

  1. Any Given Sunday

    Hands down one of the best football movies ever, we think Al Pacino’s legendary Game of Inches speech could lock this as the most Epic Football Movie on the Planet.

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  2. Remember the Titans

    Based on a true story, real stories are beautifully re-created in this Disney classic.

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  3. The Blind Side

    The True Story of Super Bowl Champion Michael Oher speaks to human kindness and social injustice, and a great

    kids’ sport movie.

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  4. Rudy

    Rudy was a real guy, and although the re-told tale was mostly fiction, it’s a feel-good classic that teaches us all to look beyond our imperfections and dare to dream. Fun fact: In real life, he sacked Georgia Tech’s QB on his 1st and only play from scrimmage.

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  5. All the Right Moves

    Tom Cruise’s breakout 80’s hit about blue collar life in a Pennsylvania steel town. Starring Lea Thompson as Cruise’s cheerleader girlfriend and Craig T .Nelson as Cruise’s overbearing Coach, this is a must see.

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  6. Friday Night Lights

    A winner at the box office and a winner in football lover’s hearts, FNL gave a realistic glimpse into small town high school football life, and the brutal realities of a small town’s obsession with their team. The amazing

    football TV series followed.


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  7. Jerry Maguire

    “Show Me the Money!” Another in the best football movies category, Cuba Gooding’s famous call with Tom Cruise in this classic about a football agent who loses it all, just to find himself again, along with his love of the game.

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  8. Quarterback Princess

    This 1980’s made for TV movie starring Helen Hunt was based on a the True Story of Tami Maida. Helen clearly put in some real time behind center to gear up for this part, as she comes off as veteran signal caller, who has no problem hanging with the boys.

  9. Wildcats

    Goldie Hawn stars as the PE coach who would love nothing more than to coach a football team. So, she signs up for the hardest job in the county and wins over the respect of the whole city. This feel good comedy with plenty of football action and laughs to quench your football loving heart.

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  10. The Replacements

    A comedy about a bunch of football castaways that join together to play as replacements for protesting NFL players, this cult classic hits just enough marks to make our top 10. Gene Hackman’s famous moment with his QB Keanu Reeves hits home to football lovers, “Winners always want the ball when the game is on the line…”

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