Caavo in the Wild

Caavo Control Center being displayed on a TV stand

Simplicity, magic, unity, domestic harmony — people are describing what Caavo brings to their living rooms in many different ways, and none of it sounds like the typical TV-watching experience. That’s a good thing.

So far, more than 200 people are using Caavo in their homes. These early testers are TV and technology enthusiasts who volunteered to provide feedback on an early version of the product by putting it to the test in their own entertainment systems. Their input helps us identify potential changes to make before the product ships to your living room.

As we address issues and suggestions people have shared, we’re happy to also see that Caavo is solving many of their TV-watching woes, ultimately making it easy for them to find and access all their favorite content.

Transforming TV: Testers Share their Feedback

Here’s a highlight reel:

Having one remote that operates all devices so easily is neat and all, but it is the additional functionality that really sells it. Moving from DirecTV right into a Netflix movie just by saying what to do? Awesome.

Caavo is turning out to be a device I never knew I needed. I’m using voice search for shows, and my spouse doesn’t ask me anymore to switch inputs or which remote.

Learning to trust the voice commands to change the channel has taken a leap of faith. We were so accustomed to entering digits or scanning through a channel guide that this felt like cheatingNow that we’ve become used to it, it just seems like the most natural way to control our media experience.

“I’m getting very close to the Caavo remote. I called it out when I first saw it — too small, no form fitting to my hand, and no LED. The capacitive touch is not only winning me, but winning my wife over. Very great experience with the remote in the short time I’ve had it.”

Voice search and deep linking to watchlists is awesome! This will sound silly but it feels soooooo cool to change the channel by voice alone. The Caavo seems to elevate the functionality of all our devices by unifying them.

Tonight my daughter (age 12) parted with the cable remote and is using the Caavo remote. This is HUGE! Also, her friend was over and they were watching some family DVDs. They popped in the DVD and they said the TV automatically started playing them without having to pick any source. They were impressed.

Thank you to all our testers!

Caavo Comes to Your Home

We’re in the final rounds of testing and plan to begin shipping our first units soon. 

We’re excited to bring Caavo into your home!

Stay tuned,

Caavo Team

*Quotes from testers about the Caavo experience were edited for grammar and clarity.

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