5 Signs It’s Time for an HDMI Cable Upgrade

A medley of tangled chords sitting on top of a wood background

Like any good TV-obsessed entertainment lover, we have a love-hate relationship with HDMI cables. Without them, we’d be stuck watching the latest episode of Tiny Houses on a tiny mobile screen. A tiny tragedy indeed.

So why the ill will?

HDMI cables can be a major headache. We’re never quite confident the cables we added to cart will actually have the bandwidth to handle all our 4K and HDR content. It’s hard to tell exactly which cable is connected to what device. When an HDMI cable in our entertainment system fails it’s dern-near impossible to tell where to point our blame finger. And let’s not even start on the jumbled, tangled mess hiding behind the console. **shudder**

Even though HDMI cables are a mainstay in our living room, they’re not all created equal, and they don’t last forever – especially given advancements in TV technology.

Here are five signs it might be time to upgrade your HDMI cables (and what to look for when choosing new ones):

SIGN #1: Your TV is new, but your HDMI cables … not so much

You’ve decided to spring for a new HDR TV … except the HDMI cables you own were purchased during the original run of the X-Files. We love vintage as much as the next person, but not when it comes to the tech we depend on to bring us our favorite TV series.

What to look for: High-speed HDMI cables

You need a high-speed HDMI cable that’s designed to handle the massive amounts of data required for HDR content. Unfortunately, just because an HDMI cable is certified high speed doesn’t mean it’s made well enough to send a 4K HDR signal. The only real way to get your answer is to test it.

SIGN #2: You can’t keep track of your cables

Whenever you want to add a new streamer to your stack, swap out your cable box, or upgrade your soundbar, a cable-jiggling nightmare ensues. You pull on one end and try to figure out what’s connected on the other. Cables are snaked behind walls hanging every which way. Total chaos.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Cable tracing

Sure, you could stick little pieces of tape on your cables to keep track of them, but you’re better than that. Our Spotlight HDMI cables feature patented LED technology that lights up to indicate where a cable is connected. No more jiggling. Just press the LED button and the cable blinks on both ends.  

SIGN #3: The area behind your TV resembles a rat’s nest

For years, your criteria for purchasing HDMI cables was one line item: cheap. Unfortunately the result is a mess of cables: different materials and thicknesses, varying lengths, and a rainbow of colors.  

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Tangle-free cables

Kink-free 4K HDMI cables with fabric sheath covering will help tame the mess and change your life in a really meaningful way. Yes, they may cost a few bucks more, but they never knot … so you’ll never have to spend another Saturday night trying to untangle an impenetrable ball of cables. Priceless.

SIGN #4: The TV screen is blank  

Whether it’s a blank screen, a flashing screen, or those delightfully dreadful sparkles, troubleshooting your home entertainment system is a sure-fire way to get your heart rate in the red zone. It can be a total time-suck to try to get to the bottom of the problem and figure out which of your devices is causing the issue.  

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Diagnostics

Just like everything else in our homes, HDMI cables are getting smart. Spotlight HDMI cables by Caavo, for example, blink when you plug them in so you know they’re connected. Once plugged in, the light remains illuminated to let you know the connection is active. They take all the guesswork out of troubleshooting so you can get back to what you do best: binge watching.

SIGN #5: You’re trying to tidy up

Ever since you read Marie Kondo you’ve been on a mission to simplify. It’s also become abundantly clear those flimsy black HDMI cables are not bringing you joy. 

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Form and function

Yes, you can choose a cheap black cable and it might work fine. Or you can upgrade to HDMI cables that will not only meet the latest standards, but also spark a little happiness in your day. You could go for an HDMI cable with a retro braided look. Or choose HDMI cables with some colorful personality like barolo and white – bonus points if they match your decor. Marie will be so proud.

Ready to upgrade? Spotlight HDMI cables by Caavo check all the boxes. 

buy spotlight hdmi cables by caavo

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