Control Center: The Reviews Are In

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On October 1, we were thrilled to launch Control Center, our entertainment hub and universal remote that unites everything connected to your TV.

Building on the features of Caavo Classic, we added support for HDR and Dolby Atmos, streamlined the set-up process, and significantly dropped the price to $99.95 to make Control Center accessible to entertainment lovers. We also added a Watch feature, designed to help you when you have finished binge-watching that amazing series and are stuck in the void not knowing what to watch next (we know you’ve been there).

One week later, the reviews are rolling in, and we’re proud to share the initial press feedback with you:

“The clicker for successfully whittled all my devices, cables and remotes down to one. That’s worth $100 by itself, if you ask me.” - The Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

“The Caavo Control Center, available today for $99, has "Harmony killer" written all over it.” - CNET

“The playlist concept is unlike anything you’ll find on the home screen of an Apple TV or Roku, and the reason it works so well with Caavo is that it’s device- and service-agnostic.” - FastCompany

“While individual streaming services like Netflix use a combination of algorithms based on viewing behavior to make suggestions, Caavo is going a different route in Control Center – it’s offering its own editorial suggestions. The interface will now feature hand-picked, curated lists compiled by editors and tastemakers in the Caavo community.” - TechCrunch

“Caavo’s universal remote packs machine vision for $100.” - Engadget

“There’s finally an affordable universal remote control to unseat Logitech.” - Gizmodo

“Caavo Control Center searches for content across multiple apps, and then fires up the right up on the device of your choice — all without the need to manually switch inputs, or search on multiple streaming apps, juggling with multiple remotes.” - Variety

Eight months later, the company is back with the Caavo Control Center, which is dramatically cheaper at $99, supports Atmos and HDR10 (with a Dolby Vision software update coming this month), and offers a simpler setup experience. That’s all the boxes ticked.” - TheVerge

“One box to rule all the boxes” - AndroidCentral

“Caavo’s Control Center puts itself at the center of your viewing experience.” - Digital Trends

“Looking to simplify, streamline and unify the management of multiple set-top boxes, streaming media players, gaming consoles and even connected DVD players, Caavo has introduced a version of its all-seeing/all-knowing video device hub targeted to the consumer mainstream.” - LightReading

“The start-up is attempting to solve a problem the pay TV industry is well aware of—that is, the need for operators and device makers to make their set-top the device connect to the TV’s primary input, HDMI 1, and have all platforms unified under their UX.” - Multichannel News

“Control Center is a universal remote do-all media system.” - Slashgear

We’re excited to bring Control Center into your home too!

Control Center is available on (shipping now) and (pre-order to receive by Oct 29), and will be available in all U.S. Best Buy stores Oct. 28th.


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