Take Your Caavo to Go with the Next-Gen Caavo Remote App

Take Your Caavo to Go with the Next-Gen Caavo Remote App

Caavo revolutionized your home theater with the most powerful, simple remote on the planet. Now, we’re giving you even more control with Caavo Remote, our next-generation Caavo app, which is available now for Caavo customers in the iOS app store

Caavo Remote makes the perfect companion to the Control Center smart remote. Our refreshed app includes a full Caavo universal remote and allows you to control any Caavo-connected TV, anywhere. 

Control Your Home Theater, Anywhere

With Caavo Remote you can see a preview of any Caavo-connected TV screen and easily navigate and control your home theater from your iPhone. You can switch apps and devices, play or pause a show, change channels, and check-in on what’s playing on any Caavo-connected TV (share settings must be enabled). 

Caavo Remote is some much-needed relief for your home theater support headaches. 

Next time your father-in-law calls in a panic because he can’t find his show, all you have to do is use Caavo Remote to select his Control Center. From there you can see what’s on his screen and help him find what he wants to watch. 

Nanny can’t figure out how to play the movie? Switch to Netflix and play the show with a couple quick taps and get back to work without missing a beat.

Make Video Calls to Your TV [Beta] 

Caavo Remote includes a new beta feature that allows you to make video calls from your iPhone to your TV. Use your iPhone’s front-facing camera to show your face, or switch to the back camera to show what you see, and it will appear on your TV. The person watching TV can use the Control Center remote to talk back to you (but you won’t see video of them). 

Grandma doesn’t have to leave home to get a front seat at the kids’ soccer game. Video call her from Caavo Remote and she’ll be able to watch the play-by-play on her big screen. 

Or drop in on the kids playing video games upstairs with a friendly video call to let them know you mean business … dinner is ready now, game over. 

Download the Caavo Remote app today to control your home theater anywhere. 

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