September 2018 TV Premieres We Can’t Wait to Watch

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As August comes to a close, we find ourselves thinking more and more about all the new TV we will be indulging in this Fall. Content creators across the major networks, premium cable and streaming services are promoting a flood of new TV series, and we are counting down the days to watch. To get in the spirit, we are wiping our DVR’s, kicking the dog off the couch, and tightly clutching the Caavo remote – ready to get right to what we want to watch.

Here are five TV series premiering in September 2018 that we are chomping at the bit to see:

American Vandal: Season 2, (Netflix), series premiere 9/14

American Vandal received a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes! The mockumentary tells the story of a young man and his “true crime” spree at his high school. Season 2 will up the game and get even more personal. It’s gonna be gross, but we’re so in.

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Forever (Amazon Original Series), starts 9/14

The dark comedy Forever stars Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph as a suburban married couple who decide to take a ski trip to break the daily routine they’ve followed for the past 12 years. The vacation takes them out of the constraints of their usual routine, but also leads them to  question larger life issues around marriage and commitments.

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Manifest (NBC), series premiere 9/24

From Robert Zemeckis and Jack Rapke, Manifest shares the story of Montego Air flight 828 that lands safely after a turbulent flight. However, the world had aged five years in that time, and the crew and passengers’ families had already mourned their loss and moved on. A deep mystery unfolds and those on 828 realize they are all given a second chance. We’re feeling some serious parallel vibes to Lost, which cannot be a bad thing.

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A Million Little Things (ABC), series premiere 9/26

In this drama, a group of friends from Boston receive a shock when one of them dies unexpectedly. While some are successful, others feel stuck in life, and this may be the wake-up call for them to finally start living.

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Magnum P.I. (CBS), series premiere 9/26

Could it be? A reboot of the original Tom Selleck police crime drama? Yes! Hawaii here we come. Starring Jay Hernandez as Thomas Magnum (sadly no 80’s mustache), playing the decorated former Navy SEAL who uses his military skills in the role of a private investigator. This crime drama can’t be missed.

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