Why Watch Half When You Can See It All?

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The average consumer only watches HALF of the subscription video services that they have access to, according to a new Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) report [pdf]. Half! Call us crazy, but half of a whole isn’t always the best thing. Half a french fry? That’s no good. Or half of the most amazing ice cream cone ever. That’s just wrong.

We’re pretty sure the same holds true for watching TV. Yet, the VAB found most people watch only one or two streaming services regularly, despite having access to three or more — that includes traditional pay TV subscribers, cord shavers (people that reduce their pay tv package), cord-cutters and cord-nevers (those who’ve never subscribed to pay TV).

Video Advertising Bureau streaming services watched vs available


With so much TV goodness at their fingertips, why are people tuning out so much of it? Here’s our (super scientific) theory: Finding and accessing content is a complicated maze. TV setups are mucho confusing. Navigating between multiple inputs and interfaces to find what we want to watch is a pain. Instead, we’ve simply surrendered, settling for half.

Half? Not gonna cut it.

We’ve always believed that there would someday be a better way. But then ... we got tired of waiting. We wanted to make it simple to watch everything, removing all the insane obstacles standing between you and all your amazing content.

So we made Caavo.

With Caavo, you can control all your streaming services (plus pay tv, gaming consoles and that Blu-ray player) with just the sound of your voice. All your content. All in one place. No more missing shows and not even realizing it. No more watching only half of your content because the other half is too much of a hassle to find.

It’s time to start getting the FULL value out of your TV-watching investment.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Control all your options with the sound of your voice. Doesn’t matter what service it’s on. Just say what you want to watch and we’ll take you right there or pick up right where you left off. 
  • All your content in one place. When you search for something using our voice-controlled remote, we show you all the places you can watch it. We’ll even let you know if it’s available with one of your existing subscriptions, in your media library, or where you can rent or buy it.
  • We don’t play favorites. We’re best buds with pay tv, streaming devices and content apps, all with the singular goal of getting you direct to your content. Our friend-list includes Amazon, DISH, DirecTV, Hulu, XFINITY, FireTV, Roku, Netflix, Nvidia Shield TV, and Apple TV with Siri voice remote. 
  • See everything you're watching now. Our watchlists bring together everything you’ve recently watched, pulling in new episodes so you never have to miss a show. 

Want to start watching it all? Thought so. For a limited time, when you buy Caavo you can get a second one free. Add two to your cart and use code BOGO4DAD at checkout to redeem this special offer. (Offer expires June 18).


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