Caavo Comes Home on February 14

The future of TV is coming home. 5,000 limited edition Caavos will ship on the one year anniversary since its debut, February 14, 2018.

This first release comes with a big promise: to make it easy for everyone to watch the best television in the home. TV is becoming simplified into the way it was always meant to be.

Welcome, Caavo.

Since debuting last February, Caavo has been called many things: fancy HDMI switch, TV assistant, voice-enabled universal remote. Call it what you want, the real allure is that Caavo brings together all of TV. It unifies devices – cable, satellite, streaming boxes and sticks, gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players – and services, apps and content into one simple experience.

As new, incredible content continues to broaden the entertainment landscape – more shows were created last year than ever before – it has also become increasingly fragmented.

Connecting the Future.

Caavo is different. We think being content agnostic is important. Because Caavo doesn’t run any apps or produce content, we’re in a unique position to unify TV, rather than consolidate it. Ultimately, this creates more choice, allowing everyone to watch TV the way they want.

Building this vision has taken a dedicated team, now nearly 100 people, and over two years of development. And we’re excited to also expand our leadership with the addition of Time Warner Investments and Lauder Partners as investors as part of the closing of our $17.5M Series B fundraise. They join DCM Ventures, Greylock Partners, Sky, Hearst and Silicon Valley Bank in helping build Caavo.

Caavo Deluxe.

In the time since its unveiling, Caavo has come home to more than 300 families, TV enthusiasts, and early technology adopters, who have put it to the test. Throughout this process, we’ve heard people describe the simplicity and unity Caavo brings to their living rooms in many different ways. They’ve all made one thing clear: Caavo is a new kind of television experience.

Their early feedback has also been critical to helping us define core features and fine tune the Caavo experience. And it just keeps getting better. New AppleTVs, Chromecasts, DirecTV, DISH, Fire TVs, Nintendos, Nvidia Shields, Playstations, Rokus, TiVos, Xboxes, Xfinity, and anything yet to come – Caavo still works. It isn’t just a box – it’s a platform that will always evolve to keep the diverse TV landscape as simple as it can be.

We’re excited to finally be sending Caavo home! This first initial 5,000 limited release of Caavo’s will ship as a special Deluxe Set of custom Caavo cables and unlimited lifetime service. Be sure to sign up and we’ll be in touch with details on ordering the first Caavos coming on February 14.