Caavo Deepens Smart Home Integration with Google Nest Cam; Brings Together Entertainment and IoT Ecosystems for Connected Family Living

San Francisco, CA -- August 22, 2019 -- Caavo, a San Francisco startup making the future of the simplified, smart home a reality, today announces that you can now view Google Nest cameras, Sonos speakers and streaming and live entertainment on the TV using one voice-controlled universal remote. Also, families can now use multiple Control Centers to check-in and stay connected through Telescope.

“Control Center puts all of your content in one place, and now everything else in your connected home as well,” said Andrew Einaudi, CEO and co-founder at Caavo Inc. “You can now watch your Nest camera, search your Sonos playlists, and watch all your favorite entertainment across live and streaming TV on the best screens in your home.”

Furthering the company’s mission to connect everyone and everything to the TV, Caavo reveals: 

Google Nest Cam

Watch live camera feeds on your TV from the comfort of your living room. Easily view in window or full screen mode on the biggest screen in the house. 

Say Goodbye to TV Typing   

TV viewers can all agree that when searching for a show, the letter-by-letter up/down scroll within Search menu pages is a major pain point. Control Center now solves this frustration with the addition of Dictation mode. Just open any app or device across Roku, cable and satellite TV, and Apple TV, press and hold the Share button, and say what you're searching for. Control Center's machine vision automatically fills in the search screen for you so you never have to waste time typing into a remote again. 


Caavo recently earned the Works With Sonos badge certifying that Control Center seamlessly connects with the Sonos Home Sound System. You can now launch playlists and favorites as well as play and listen to music directly from Control Center. 

Stay Connected Using Telescope

Use Telescope to see what family members are watching in your home. Use the Control Center remote to speak and send on-screen messages from one TV to another when each is connected to a Control Center. Tell the kids their dinner is ready and they can reply that they are on their way.

Smart TVs

Control Center now supports search and playback on Smart TVs such as Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV, including models that support Dolby Vision.

Continual Improvements

Caavo has implemented updates to improve content discoverability, device set-up, and general navigation with the Caavo remote. New updates also include broader voice support and hints, simplified set-up, and general UI polish. Lastly, Caavo now supports the DirecTV On Demand catalog and direct linking to that content. 

Simplified Pricing

Control Center is available for purchase in two options: 

  • Control Center with service plan sold separately at $59.95;
  • Control Center with Lifetime Service, and no monthly fees, starting at $149.99, is available at Best Buy and 

About Caavo

Our mission is to unite entertainment for people and unite people through entertainment. Founded in 2015 by Andrew Einaudi, Ashish Aggarwal, Vinod Gopinath, and the late Blake Krikorian, Caavo currently has 75 employees and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and Bengaluru, India. Caavo technology is protected by more than 80 patents and patents-pending. For more information, go to

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