Meet Caavo: The System that Unifies Home Entertainment

DANA POINT, CA – February 14, 2017 – New media company, Caavo launched today to debut its home entertainment platform on stage at Code Media.

Caavo delivers a unified TV experience where devices and services come together to offer ultimate control. Rather than attempting to consolidate into one box, Caavo connects all of the pieces: pay TV, streaming, and gaming, then unites the experience.

“Living room entertainment is disjointed, and even within our own homes each of us watches TV differently. It took embracing all of it, in any combination, to make it work together seamlessly,” said Andrew Einaudi, Caavo co-founder and CEO. “This isn’t the future of TV, it’s the way it was always meant to be.”


All media devices connect into Caavo, which is connected to the TV. It auto-detects the devices, making setup simple and intuitive. Once logged into services like streaming and pay TV, Caavo pulls together the watchlists of recently viewed content. Caavo finds content across all services, live TV and DVR regardless of where they reside. Universal search is finally, well, universal. A simple voice command automatically finds and launches shows and movies, playing from wherever you left off. There’s no more input switching, everything just works and is in one place as it should be.

“The power of Caavo lies in its ability to combine fragmented entertainment devices and the vast, yet ever changing content across all of them into something magical,” said Ashish Aggarwal, Caavo co-founder.

The Caavo product is unlike anything in the living room. It was designed by Gadi Amit and team at NewDealDesign, which also worked with the founding team on Sling. The high-end entertainment system supports up to eight devices, enough for even the most connected living rooms to manage it all with Caavo. The warm, customizable woods that top Caavo make it feel like a tasteful piece of furniture for the living room. The lean back design delivers the most relaxing TV experience with a simple remote.

Caavo will begin pre-orders for $399.


The company was founded in 2015 by Andrew Einaudi (Jawbone, Sling Media, Dish, Xbox), Ashish Aggarwal (Harman, Violet3D), and Vinod Gopinath ( who were brought together by the late Blake Krikorian (Sling Media) to architect and design the new entertainment platformThe key was engineering a system that doesn’t input switch like TVs do today, but rather process all of the video that comes through then aggregate and serve it up for the first time in one place.

The team has raised $15M to date from DCM Ventures, Greylock Partners, Sky and Hearst.

“Having a technology that connects any device, any service and run it seamlessly is an achievement,” said Emma Lloyd, Director of Business Development, Strategic Partnerships & Investments at Sky. “Caavo has solved so many the pain points of just being able to watch TV that was only achieved by a deep focus on fixing the experience once and for all.”