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4 Best Harmony Hub Alternatives To Make Your Life Easier
Caavo control center’s efficiency amused me. It manages the user interfaces of all the connected devices. When I asked the device to play a video on YouTube, it automatically switched to my Apple TV, but when I picked up my PS4 controller and pressed the PS button, instantly, the PlayStation screen showed up.
Watch With Friends brings remote Netflix watch parties to Apple TV and Roku devices
With move theaters shuttered and folks still stuck at home due to the pandemic, remote viewing party services have shot up in popularity, letting friends and family members sync up movies and TV shows from their own homes. But nearly all of those services only work on computers — not exactly the most satisfying way to watch a movie. But a new app called Watch With Friends developed by Caavo (the company behind the high-end Caavo Control Center universal remote) promises to bring that same experience to Roku and Apple TV devices.
Creating a Netflix watch party is a breeze with this new app
Remotely watching TV shows and movies with family and friends quickly became a popular activity during quarantine. Still, setting up a remote viewing party isn’t always a straightforward process, especially when dealing with family members who aren’t exactly tech-savvy. There’s a new app called Watch With Friends which should make it a whole a lot easier to set up viewing parties. 
Now There’s a Way to Watch Netflix With Your Friends on Roku, Apple TV

The “watch party” craze continues to gain steam during COVID-19 quarantines. The latest entrant in the suddenly bustling category: Caavo, a Silicon Valley startup that sells a universal remote control, has launched Watch With Friends — an app that let you stream Netflix TV shows and movies synchronized with other users on Roku and Apple TV devices, as well as Google Chrome browsers.

There's Now A Service That Makes It Easy To Join Netflix Watch Parties On Apple TV

Now that we’re not visiting friends and family as much as we used to you might be looking for new ways to keep in touch. We used to sit down together and watch a TV show or movie but that just isn’t possible for a ton of people right now. Or is it? A new app makes it easy to watch Netflix content with other people and it even works on the Apple TV.

Caavo the Miracle Remote? I’ll Take One for Me, One for Mom
"Caavo remote control and content-management machine might be good enough for do-it-yourselfers, but it scored with smart-home pros at CEDIA Expo 2019. I finally got my first hands-on experience with Caavo at CEDIA Expo 2019, and I was more than a little impressed with the remote-control and content management system that really does seem to have it all. A Pro version of the system is forthcoming and the company demonstrated integration with Crestron home-automation at Expo for the first time. Welcome to the channel!"
Caavo’s CMO Shares How One Remote Is Simplifying Streaming
"The everyday products we so often overlook have the most interesting stories behind them," Evelyn explains, "and I’ve always been passionate about bringing those details out because it lures you in on a totally different level." Now, she's out to make people fall in love with their TV remote with Caavo, the universal remote helping viewers navigate the nail-biting streaming wars.