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Caavo control center’s efficiency amused me. It manages the user interfaces of all the connected devices. When I asked the device to play a video on YouTube, it automatically switched to my Apple TV, but when I picked up my PS4 controller and pressed the PS button, instantly, the PlayStation screen showed up.
Watch With Friends brings remote Netflix watch parties to Apple TV and Roku devices
With move theaters shuttered and folks still stuck at home due to the pandemic, remote viewing party services have shot up in popularity, letting friends and family members sync up movies and TV shows from their own homes. But nearly all of those services only work on computers — not exactly the most satisfying way to watch a movie. But a new app called Watch With Friends developed by Caavo (the company behind the high-end Caavo Control Center universal remote) promises to bring that same experience to Roku and Apple TV devices.
There's Now A Service That Makes It Easy To Join Netflix Watch Parties On Apple TV

Now that we’re not visiting friends and family as much as we used to you might be looking for new ways to keep in touch. We used to sit down together and watch a TV show or movie but that just isn’t possible for a ton of people right now. Or is it? A new app makes it easy to watch Netflix content with other people and it even works on the Apple TV.

Caavo Connects With Google's Nest Cams
Caavo, a San Francisco startup making the future of the simplified, smart home a reality, today announces that you can now view Google Nest cameras, Sonos speakers and streaming and live entertainment on the TV using one voice-controlled universal remote. Also, families can now use multiple Control Centers to check-in and stay connected through Telescope.
This Voice-Controlled Universal Remote Makes Life So Much Easier

What you need is the Caavo universal remote— a single, voice-controlled remote that lets you control everything connected to your TV with the sound of your voice.

The Caavo universal remote comes with a control center that streamlines all your entertainment devices. Just plug in your cable or satellite box, streaming devices and gaming console, and then add your sound system. The Caavo control center unifies everything, so all your content is in one place.

All-in-One Remote Controls for the Smart Home of 2019
The system s on-screen display shows all your streaming
services and can even make its own recommendations based on Caavo editor s
choice and other user s tastes, complete with reviews. It s a bit like social
media influencers meets your TV. Unlike suggested viewing recommendations from
the streaming service you’re using, Caavo is service agnostic and will provide
recommendations based on only what you’re subscribed to.
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If you just want the best universal remote money can buy, get the Caavo Control Center. The simple, touch-sensitive remote is elegant and utilitarian and I’ve had zero issues so far with my smart home voice commands. Caavo even works with my Steam Link, allowing me to ask Google to turn on my retro gaming system, TV, and audio receiver without leaving the couch.