5 Reasons You’ll Love Watching TV with Caavo

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We’re in a golden age of content. There’s so much to choose from, and we want to watch it all - at our convenience. What we don’t want are the inconveniences that come along with it: losing remotes, frustrating searches, and struggling to remember which HDMI input connects to which device. Here are 5 ways Caavo can help:

Hands free TV (thanks Alexa!) 

Ah, the ultimate modern-day inconvenience: You’re all settled in on the couch, feet up, glass in hand, ready to binge the latest season. Until you realize ... no remote. Heartbreaking. 

Never again. Now you can just ask Alexa and we’ll take care of the rest – turning on your tv, playing shows, and searching for content. We can even find that missing remote.

Say things like:

“Alexa, tell Caavo to turn on my tv.”
“Alexa, tell Caavo to play CBS.”
“Alexa, tell Caavo to search for Top Gun.”
“Alexa, tell Caavo to mute my tv.”
“Alexa, tell Caavo to find my remote.”

Find anything you want to watch, just ask

We can all agree that typing on remotes is like texting with gloves on, maddening. That’s why voice control has become a “how did I ever live without this?” feature for customers watching TV with Caavo. All you have to do is press the microphone button on the Caavo remote and say what you want to watch.

Ask for practically anything: a show, movie, sport, team, actor – even that viral video everyone has been talking about. We put all your content in one place: live TV, streaming and YouTube, you name it. Our search is universal so ask away!

Pick up right where you left off

It’s Saturday afternoon and you’re relaxing on the couch, watching an action flick (yet again). Midway through you take a break, because beer + snacks.

When you finally get back to the couch, we’ll get you right back to it without any fuss. Just hold the mic button on the Caavo remote, say “Watch” with the name of your movie and we autoplay from where you stopped. Easy.

Never take your eyes off what you’re watching TV with Caavo

Whether you’re channel surfing or settling in to watch a favorite show, you want to keep your attention focused where the action is – on the big screen – not searching for buttons or swiping at screens.

When you're watching TV with Caavo, simply rest a finger on any button on the Caavo remote and a pop up graphic explaining what it does will be revealed on your TV screen. Pro tip: Long-pressing the 9-dot button shows you a map of all the keys.

Recover your lost remote in no time

The average television viewer spends about two weeks over the course of a lifetime looking for lost remotes. We help you recapture those precious minutes.

Press and hold the three buttons on the Caavo unit for 1 second and your remote will play a catchy tune, or you can ask Alexa. Just say “Alexa, tell Caavo to find my remote” and the music will lead the way.

-- Caavo Team



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