Best Films to Watch After Tossing Your Grad Cap

Best Films to Watch After Tossing Your Grad Cap

Well, you’ve done it! You confidently walked across the stage and collected your diploma, symbolizing the years of hard work you put in to graduate and earn your new title. Whether you graduated from high school, undergrad, or a master’s program, you’ve had your share of battles. From the sleepless nights that come when finishing, or starting, a paper that’s due the next day (and telling yourself that procrastination produces your best work) to the school politics that often times made you want to transfer, you still survived and conquered!

If you’re already reminiscing about the good times you had in school and possibly worrying about your next step in life, you’re not alone! Settle down with your Caavo Universal Remote and prepare to set your worries aside for a while. Check out these films that’ll lift your post-graduate spirits, making you nostalgic for the past and excited for your next adventure.

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods has it all. She’s president of her sorority, has a fabulous wardrobe and the cutest law school bound fraternity boy on her arm, whom she expects to marry- but that all changes when he dumps her for a posh Harvard Law school girl. You’ve probably seen Legally Blonde at least once, but her struggle to find her stride in the world of suits, and proving that she’s got beauty and brains, is something many people can relate to once they enter the professional world. Watch the trailer here.


James is a college graduate who had his sights set on a summer in Europe, only to have his hopes dashed when his parents inform him he’ll need to get a summer job to pay for the trip. Only qualified for a job at the rusty, local amusement park, he’s expecting the worse but instead finds himself falling in love. A must-watch if your own post-collegiate summer plans didn’t pan out as expected and you want a good laugh.

Watch the trailer here.

The Graduate

Moving home after graduating college can be tough, especially when everyone wants to know what your next move is and you still need time to figure it out. As Benjamin Braddock is awkwardly surrounded by his parent’s friends who won’t stop bombarding him with questions about his life plan, he begins an affair with a bored housewife and family friend. Trouble arises when he falls in love with the woman’s daughter, turning Benjamin’s summer upside down.

Watch the trailer here.

Post Grad

Like many of us realized, life after graduation doesn’t always go according to plan. Ryden Malby just graduated from college and is forced to move back in with her family, while she looks for employment. But in a competitive job market, landing the right position can be challenging, especially while navigating the other ups and downs that come with being a young adult- like finding the right man. If you’re also stressing about your future, this film will hopefully make you a little less stressed.

Watch the trailer here.

Into the Wild

Tired of living life according to his wealthy parents, Christopher McCandless sets out on a journey of self discovery into the unknown. Based on a true story, this film reenacts the nomadic life of Christopher as he journeys to the Alaskan wilderness, hoping to find himself and adventure. Into the Wild will inspire you to go after your dreams and journey into new territory with no regrets.

Watch the trailer here.

The Social Network

Based off of Mark Zuckerberg’s time at Harvard while he created Facebook, this film gives us an up close and personal look at the man, and broken friendships, behind everyone’s favorite social network. If you need inspiration to try your hand at entrepreneurial endeavors, this one's for you.

Watch the trailer here.

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