20 of the Coolest TV Moms of All Time

Tami Taylor, Rainbow Johnson, and Claire Dunphy

It’s not easy being a mom. The job is never done...it requires sacrifice, patience, and a healthy sense of humor! While we should be celebrating moms everyday like the kweens they are, May 10th is actually Mother’s Day. In honor of all great moms everywhere, we’ve compiled our list of coolest TV moms of all-time. So when you’re done cooking your mom breakfast, turn on your Control Center and start binge watching some shows this weekend.

Joyce Byers - Stranger Things 

She’s a single mom who will go to the ends of the earth and back for her sons Will and Jonathan. Caring and strong-willed, the word “no” is not in her vocabulary when it comes to her kids.

Kitty Forman - That 70s Show 

A caring mom and caretaker for her kids (as well the kids in the neighborhood), Kitty may not handle stress well (cue the shrill laugh here), but she always has the best interests for her family in mind. 

The Mothers of Monterey - Big Little Lies 

Struggling with motherhood, marriage and relationships, these moms recognize that motherhood doesn’t assure a perfect life and that it is acceptable for women to want more in life. 

Louise Jefferson - The Jeffersons 

Who else on earth could calm the hot-headed George and manage a household with flair like “Weezie”? Her soothing influence and humor through it all makes her the gold standard. Also, she was the first African-American woman to win an Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. 

Gloria - Modern Family 

Gloria is a passionate, outspoken mom and wife who embraces life and will do anything for her family - including the family dog.

Carol Brady - The Brady Bunch Image of Carol Brady

One of the most iconic moms in American television. Never has anyone made raising six kids look as easy as Carol Brady made it.

Marge Simpson - The Simpsons Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson is easily the glue that holds the family together. Without her, the Simpsons might’ve not lasted for 30 years … or in this case, 30 seasons.

Claire Huxtable - The Cosby Show  Claire Huxtable

A great role model, she was an attorney, a mother to five children, and most importantly one of the most understanding people to talk with. What’s cooler than that?

Lorelai Gilmore - Gilmore Girls Lorelai Gilmore

The definition of a cool mom. With her penchant for witty banter, she’s also Rory’s best friend and confidante.


Claire Dunphy - Modern Family Claire Dunphy

Although a little overbearing, she totally loves her children and would do anything for them...sometimes even too much, but that’s not a bad thing because her heart’s always in the right place.

Jessica Huang - Fresh off the Boat Jessica Huang

Although she’s a stern mom intent on not letting her children forget where they came from, she’s definitely an OG. She keeps her family in line in a new country, while always teaching them valuable life lessons.


Morticia Addams - The Addams Family Morticia Addams from the 1970s show

She might be mysterious, aloof, and a goth icon, but at the end of the day she puts her kids above all else.


Nancy Botwin - Weeds Nancy Bowtin in a bathtub with a marijuana plant

After the death of her husband and with no marketable skills, she took to selling weed to support her family. From gangsters to cartels, she’s dealt with them all for her family.


Rainbow Johnson - Black-ish Rainbow Johnson

A great role model to her kids, she’s always making sure that they grow up better than she did, of course that’s in between “keeping it one hundred” or working as an anesthesiologist.


Tami Taylor - Friday Night Lights Tami Taylor

Not just a mom to her family, but a mom to the students of Dillon High. She shells out advice and support to all who need it, and she does it while looking amazing in her aviator sunglasses.


Martha Kent - Smallville Martha Kent from Smallville

Even though Clark Kent/Kal-El wasn’t her actual child, she raised him as her own. With her and her husband’s positive life lessons, they raised one of the most wholesome and unwavering superheroes of all time.


Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen

She’s a mom to three dragons( now 1 😥) ‘nuff said.  


Sam Fox - Better Things Sam Fox

It’s already tough being a single mother to three kids, but being a single mother while working in LA as an actress? Sam Fox deserves an award for that.


Kristina Braverman - Parenthood Kristina Braverman

The ultimate supermom without any powers, she did everything from keeping her family together, taking care of her son with Aspergers, [spoiler alert] supporting her daughter’s coming out, and even coming to terms with her cancer diagnosis.


Carmela Soprano - The Sopranos Carmela Soprano

This mom knows nothing but sacrifice. She knows that she’s married to a mob boss and does everything to keep her children safe while keeping her family together.

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