How to Host an Unforgettable Backyard Movie Night

How to Host an Unforgettable Backyard Movie Night

We’ve been stuck inside on the couch all winter and most of spring—that’s the way we prefer it tbh—but we figure it’s time to switch things up and enjoy the great outdoors. Of course, we always prefer to combine our fresh air with some fresh flicks.  

Reminiscent of the drive-in theater, hosting a backyard movie night is the perfect, kid-friendly way to entertain everyone of all ages. Feeling clueless about how to host the outdoor movie night that’ll be the talk of the town? Don’t stress. Of course, Caavo has you covered with a few simple steps to transforming your backyard into a cozy movie theater.

Proper Outdoor Movie Screen

First things first, it’s hard to achieve movie theater impact without a large screen. Instead of lugging that precious flat screen TV outside (especially impossible because it’s mounted), we recommend creating a movie screen with a large bed sheet or buying a large projector screen.

Save a few bucks by following a DIY tutorial online—just use a clean (and ironed) sheet as a screen, and craft a simple screen stand. Or expedite the process and splurge on a large outdoor projector screen—they’re portable, simple to set up and will guarantee a great backyard movie night experience for years to come.

The Outdoor Projector

The right outdoor projector is key to a great outdoor movie experience. An outdoor projector should support the HD quality of the movie and project a bright enough luminosity so the movie can be clearly seen at night.

There are some technical terms to look out for when buying or even renting a projector. It should maintain the film’s 1920x1080 resolution and a 2,000:1 ratio, or higher, for a great contrast that improves the image quality. Outdoor projectors range from $80 to $1,000, or rent one from the local library to test it out before investing in your own. Most projectors don’t have great sound quality so we recommend hooking it up your Bluetooth speakers, such as your Sonos sound system, and placing the speakers around the seating area for a true cinema surround sound feel!

Setting the Scene

Now, onto the most important part of setting up your backyard for movie night: creating the right ambiance! If you don’t already have comfy patio seating set up, set out thick blankets, and piles of pillows, bean bags or lawn chairs. Our goal is for everyone to watch the movie without itchy grass ruining the experience. Posting string lights, also called fairy lights, above and around the perimeter of the seating area can also help set the mood, making the backyard feel like a magical land away from home!

Watching a movie is not complete without plenty of snacks to munch on but now you don’t have to worry about sneaking anything in past the hawk-eyed movie theater employees! Feeling fancy? Check out an old-school style popcorn machine or buy a few bags of differently flavored popcorn. You can always check out Pinterest for extra decorating ideas or if you want other easy snack and drink recipes that’ll satisfy the kids and adults in the audience.

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