Plex to Control Center: You Complete Me

Plex to Control Center: You Complete Me

One remote is better than more than one remote - that’s science - and that’s why Caavo is the future. Caavo is the solution to having a collection of remotes (with at least one that always seems to be missing) AND the solution to easily finding what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, because Caavo unifies all your devices and services, including Plex, into a single experience.

In today’s world of there’s an app for that, where the hottest shows are locked into different streaming services making searching for content hard, and new hardware is released faster than you get paid, what we all need now is simplicity. Here are three ways this perfect pair makes life easier:

  1. Simple set up

    Download Plex for Caavo and in a few easy steps you can watch your favorite shows, movies, podcasts, live games, and just about anything else on Plex. See how here.
  1. Use your voice

    Say the name of any actor, movie, TV show, or video and you will see all relevant results from Plex (and all your other subscriptions and services). You can even use the Caavo remote to control the functions of your TV, AND it works with your smart speakers like Google Voice or Amazon Alexa.
  1. Enjoy more options with Plex Pass

    Plex Pass unlocks additional features, like parental controls to restrict content you don’t want your kids to see, or wireless photo sharing with friends and family. You can try a Plex Pass free for 30 days - sign up here.

Featuring a central hub, simple voice remote, and a clean interface, Caavo makes it easy for everyone in your home to find, and watch, whatever they want in Plex, regardless of which device Plex is running on. It’s no wonder CNET called it a “Harmony Killer.”

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