Spicy New Shows & Movies to Stream in June!

Spicy New Shows & Movies to Stream in June!

June is bringing us a slew of new, original content from Netflix, Hulu and HBO, so we’ll have plenty of shows and movies to watch whenever we need to escape the summer heat. While our June lives may be full of sunny days at the beach and family camping trips, our go-to streaming sites are taking us on different journeys with characters that are really feeling the heat. From postmodern apocalyptic Earth where robots control everything, including the birth of new life, to enslaved women attempting to bring down a violent, new patriarchal system- these soon arriving productions are nothing less than intense.

If you want to premiere these new films and shows as if you were actually seeing them in theater, try our tips to turning your own backyard into a private movie theater, the perfect way to spend your summer evenings. If you want to enjoy all the new content from the comfort of your living room, our Caavo Control Center and universal remote is always there to bring the family together while watching TV. Want to save these shows for a rainy summer day? Download the Caavo mobile app (iOS) to add them to your own what-to-watchlist.


Black Mirror Season 5 (June 5th on Netflix)

After their popular experiment with an interactive episode Bandersnatch, (many of us may still be traumatized after unintentionally making a character jump to his death, but we digress…)  Black Mirror has returned with their fifth season! If you’re unfamiliar with Black Mirror, each episode has a different plot and timeline, but they all revolve around our future technologically advanced society where the gadgets often do more harm than good. They’ve released a few trailers for their new season’s episodes, including Miley Cyrus (or should we say, Hannah Montana) in “Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too” and Anthony Mackie’s “Striking Vipers”.

Watch the trailers here

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 (June 5th on Hulu)

Hold onto your hats, the Handmaid’s Tale has returned in full force. After struggling to survive in a newly totalitarian United States that faces environmental strife and a sinking birth rate, Offred is finally making gains with the resistance against the state. Many women have been forced into the position as handmaids that serve as concubines to the high ranking, all-male officials of this new government, in hopes of increasing the American population. Offred hopes to permanently reconnect with her daughter, but she must first work on slyly tearing down the extremely oppressive regime that has taken over the country.

Watch the trailer here

I Am Mother (June 7th on Netflix)

In this action packed Netflix original, we enter a world where humans appear to be almost extinct, except for a few embryos that are watched by a robot, “Mother”. Mother “births” one of the capsuled fetuses, and raises it as her own, telling the growing young girl that she is a new start for humanity. Trouble literally knocks at their front door when another human, played by Hillary Swank, tries to convince the young girl that she is being held captive by the android and needs to escape to join the other humans. This film definitely appears to have plenty of plot twists, so we’ll just have to watch to find out the true story behind the Mother bot’s purpose!

Watch the trailer here

Big Little Lies (June 9th on HBO)

We can all rejoice! The hit HBO series featuring award winning stars Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Zoe Kravitz is back with their second season! The drama continues as the mothers must evade the watchful eyes of the detective who is investigating the death of Kidman’s on-screen husband, who was pushed to his death. The ladies must keep their story that he tragically fell down the stairs tight if they want to avoid a homicide charge. But, that's difficult to do when they’re all battling PTSD and other life issues. We'll just have to wait until June 9th to see if the moms can keep their lives from crashing down and burying them in the process…

Watch the trailer here.

Murder Mystery (June 14th Premiere on Netflix)

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston star as a regular NYC couple heading to Europe for a late honeymoon vacation and happen to get invited to a billionaire’s superyacht for an A-list gathering. Life with the rich and famous isn’t all fun and games though. When the billionaire is found murdered on the yacht, the couple is accused of the crime and must avoid being arrested to solve the murder mystery and clear their name!

Watch the trailer here

Euphoria (June 17th on HBO)

This hyped, new HBO series features Zendaya and a handful of other young talent navigating the ups and major downs of adolescence. But, don’t think this is a High School Musical fairytale! As seen from a few snippets in the trailer, the teens are going through some pretty dark, and unfortunately very real, problems like substance abuse and addiction. Mirroring a lot of the hurdles the youth face in today’s world, complemented by neon lighting and moody music, this series is sure to become a quick favorite.

Watch the trailer here

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